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Juicy Juice. Cold pressed juice. BeetleJuice. Who’s got the juice?

The craze!

We’ve all heard the “tea” about juicing, but why exactly am I starving myself trying to get healthy?

Truth is our bodies only need 72 hours for harmful foods to pass through our system. And these juices are only supposed to supplement a normal caloric diet. If you are wanting to pop up and pop out to these holiday parties ; take a sip on this.

In preparing for the holiday indulgence juicing will alleviate the unwanted symptoms that make you feel over indulgent, and more likely to stay on the wagon over the festive holiday season. In a nutshell, juicing allows your body to consume powerful micronutrients found in a multivitamin while not feeling overstuffed.

The shift to “natural living”.

But why not just take a multivitamin? While multivitamins are not high up on the list as far as “dangerous supplements” are concerned, it’s a supplement nonetheless. There is an overwhelming shift that is happening in our society when it comes to people not wanting to introduce things not from the earth into their body; this is just one way juicing has become popular. Health enthusiast rather consume all vital nutrients via foods rather than supplements.

Here's the low down on the billion dollar dietary supplement industry. IT'S COMPLETELY UNREGULATED and almost all of the most popular supplements on the market vary just by one or two ingredients. What a rip off! That’s it, nothing more and nothing less.

So if you plan to indulge with loved ones this holiday season try juicing with these powerful super foods:

  • Leafy Greens (broccoli, celery, kale, spinach)

  • Cucumber

  • Carrots

  • Beets

  • Mint

  • Berries

  • Nuts and seeds may also go in the juicer and are low on the glycemic index (presence of sugar)

  • Fruit can be added in the juicer to cut the bitter taste of the flavor from the greens, but keep it very minimal

  • Ginger

There is nothing quite like ginger. Ginger is like the forgotten gold mine of super foods to spice up our health. It’s hard for me to try and think of a time as a kid my mother did not tell me to drink a bottle of ginger ale for an upset stomach. Lol . It has been shown to lower blood sugar levels, improve various heart disease risk factors in populations with type 2 diabetes; ginger appears to speed up emptying of the stomach which can be beneficial for people with indigestion and related stomach ache issues. Because of the delayed emptying of the stomach the food typically has a longer time to sit stagnant causing discomfort to the body. In fact, ginger extract can also inhibit the growth of many different types of bacteria that would otherwise grow from rotting food in the intestines causing the discomfort as well.

Beyonce drinks cold pressed juice. Be like B.
"I've been drankin' WTRMLN." A couple of MY favorite flavors. 😋

How does it work differently than if I blended my fruits and vegetables ?

Smoothies mix and blend all components (skin, seed, and flesh of the fruit) while juicing is the extraction of a nutritious juice from these fruit and vegetable components. This way the juicer leaves out the fibrous tissue of the ingredients. The reason the juicer leaves out the fiber is because the inventors wanted you to live a practical lifestyle. Since it was created more so for veggies and plants and fiber from these food groups are the kind of fiber that will leave you feeling fuller longer, attracts water to your intestines, and aids everything in moving along.😊 Catch my drift….It wouldn't be very convenient for you to have to run to the restroom that often , but if you’d like you can always add some of the remaining fiber back into your juice for that added benefit.

Need To Knows…

So the meat and potatoes of this is that we don't produce all micronutrients therefore we need to consume them in order for our body to produce enzymes and regulate itself how it’s designed. That means preventing infections and cleaning out all potentially harmful bacteria. So ease your stress by filling up your body with the necessary nutrients to “PRE-tox” during the holidays.

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Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Let's grab a partner and dosey doe!

Have you ever heard this from a co-worker or friend of yours?, "Hey, let's all get together a few times a week to pay someone to kick our butts for an hour. Sounds good? Great!"

Wouldn't it be more fun if there were something in this deal for you?

Well there is!

 I'm going to give you just a few reasons why small group training could take your fitness to the next level , give you healthier options for friend dates, and how it could even bring you and your friends closer.

First, I want you to think of how likely you are to stay committed to a routine if you had an infectious spread of positive motivators who wouldn't let you give up on yourself. Sounds ideal , right? The idea of you all sharing group class recommendations, visiting them together frequently; which is a great way to mix up your workouts, and seeing increased results from trying out new routines should have you excited already! 

Strength in Numbers

1. Accountability

There's a level of commitment when you are required to sign up for a class .No one likes to be the person to miss out on all of the fun tales of the craziest exercises the trainer made the group do that day. Also,group training can help you stay on track with a routine during the long dreadful winter months when you would otherwise opt to eat your favorite carbs at home.

2. Fun

Training with peers creates a more social environment and makes the time pass by even faster. More likely than not ,while training with a partner you will experience a few cheery laughs and endless smiles. Smiling also increases the level of endorphins released and promotes a more calming/relaxed state. 

3. Support

Those last 10 minutes of any session can always seem like a blur. But, when you decide to train with friends you will find that getting through that last set seems so much easier than if you decided to go at it alone. Even when it comes to performing the dreaded burpee- knowing that in that moment the class equally hates the instructor builds a sense of community. A serious level of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) over comes an individual and pushes them past what they would have thought were their limits. I've seen it happen so many times in class before. There may have been that one person who was not the most fit, but they always gave Olympic gold medal size effort. No one wants to miss that triumphant feeling at the end of the workout , no one likes to feel like the weakest link, and everyone loves the immense outpour of, "You've go this!", "Keep pushing!", cheers from their peers.

4. Cost Effectiveness

So, you've made it this far and you still are not sold on the idea of being around people for more than 30 minutes at a time. Even for the most introvert personality type the group training option is still one of the most cost effective options to personal training. So even if you are just not that into people, more into your personal aesthetic, you at least have to enjoy the thought of being financially savvy. This is a great way to get the best of both worlds! As a person who would want to maintain their personal space, this is still a viable option since there would be other group members for the instructor to engage with if all you require are the safety cues. You are able to control the people in your environment, for the most part, and still keep your pockets well padded. WIN! WIN! WIN!

Group personal training is quickly becoming a preferred workout type not only for these reasons, but also for the undeniable presence of internal and external competitive factors which attract all fitness enthusiast. Think about the last time you saw someone getting after it in class; you weren't going to let them experience all that pain by themselves. Most likely you were heavily motivated to try twice as hard. So instead of heading out for drinks at the end of a work week, try connecting with your friends/ co-workers over a friendly training session!

What are your food triggers?

Traffic, holly jolly holiday music, endless calls from distant relatives?

While these all in retrospect may seem trivial, they in the present moment can, and may be a trigger that sends you spiraling into of a bag of your favorite midnight snacks or too many after work happy hours. 

Has this ever been you during the holiday season? 

So the holiday season is here and you are excited to make travel arrangements, pack up your life, kids, make your way through security check points, spend a few extra hours working on that project just so you can spend quality time with your family- surrounded by food you will most likely regret having eaten anyway. Ahhh yes what a wonderful time of year...NOT!

I bet you're not even done eating your left over Halloween candy, I mean all of the left over candy corn has to go somewhere, right? And here we are now in November trying to avoid the holiday "fluff" and muffin tops.

But I am here to let you know there are easy solutions to these issues. Preparation is key, and not difficult to do in this fitness crazed era. So here are  3 key tips on how to keep the extra pounds off this year's holiday season.

Tip 1: Leave the extra baggage at home

Toxic family relationships can add to your increased stress levels making it more likely for you to drink alcohol through the holidays and feeling even more stressed when it's all said and done. Both alcohol and stress are major contributors to weight gain. I've seen this year after year with my clients. One easy way to help escape the toxic mental space is to meditate 10 minutes at the beginning of your day. There is an awesome app you can download to any mobile device called "Headspace" that will guide you through daily meditations. Give it a try!

Tip 2: Plan for 30 minutes of activity each day. 

Small spurts of activity is better than no activity. Does your neighborhood have a local gym? Most fitness clubs are slow around the holidays because many people are away so they offer anywhere between 3-7 day trial passes to have full access at no extra cost to you. And ask if there is a trainer available to assist showing you around the club to make that one less thing on your mind. 

Is there an old high school stadium you played as a teen? Relive your glory days by taking a few laps around the track and checking out the new facilities. If you are a parent bring your children to keep them active and away from their gaming systems. 

The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of aerobic exercise for long term heart heath (AHA). So plan to either break this up into three 10 minute sessions or knock it out to begin your day. The intention of becoming more mindful during exercise also promotes less anxious feelings. The controlling of your deep breaths and awareness of the different sensations happening within your body draws you in to being more tapped into your feelings (Robinson, Segal, Smith). In turn this interrupts the constant worries that would have otherwise occupied your mental space. 

Tip 3: Plan your meals!

Do not let all of the the tempting holiday favorites make you lose focus of your body's limits. Take your time getting around to those second and third plates. If you want to enjoy your mother's delectable pumpkin pie, your aunt's irresistible holiday ham, or your grandmothers famous fried turkey .Plan your meals accordingly. Still plan to eat frequently throughout the day; doesn't have to be full meals , but enough to keep your metabolism active. This will help with digestion and regulation of your appetite come dinner time. And to further trick yourself, try eating dinner on a smaller plate; lets leave the turkey being the only thing stuffed at the dinner table.

I want to be fully transparent as a fitness and health professional. The idea of spending time with family is lovely, but the reality for many of us is that it's actually a lot more stressful and complicated than any of us like. So, instead of feeling overwhelmed and finding yourself with those few unwanted additional pounds and  scrambling to unfreeze that gym membership in January, follow these 3 easy tips that could help get you through this holiday season like a champ.

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Author: Gloria B. Smith

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